A Lemonade Stand for Alex

Sign: Spend a little time and enjoy Cooper and Devon's Lemonade

Is there anything better than lemonade on a hot day?

Well, some small people have anticipated your thirst and are, as I write this, making the drink you need.

On Saturday, July 2, starting at 2PM, Team Aaker/Smith (led by Cooper, Devon and Téa Sloane) and Team Foster (led by Cole and Sophie) will be squarely in front of Diablo Foods in Lafayette running their third annual lemonade stand to raise money for childhood cancer research.Little Girl writing on a blackboard

As with all Alex’s Lemonade Stands, customers can pay whatever they want for a cup of the delicious summertime beverage. All proceeds benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. There’s even some talk that the parents of the young lemon-squeezers will be matching all contributions, so every dollar spent on lemonade can become $3 raised to fight childhood cancer.

In The Dragonfly Effect, we wrote about Alex, the remarkable young girl who started this tradition when she was diagnosed with cancer, and decided she would raise money to find a cure.  We also profiled the foundation established in her honor that has raised in excess of $30 Million to date. For more on Alex’s remarkable story, accomplishments and legacy, check out our case study.

Cooper and Devon Smith squeeze fresh lemonade for cancer researchIf Lafayette, CA is a little out of your way, I hope you’ll find a lemonade stand to patronize, wherever you are. If you’re inspired to hold a lemonade stand fundraiser yourself, or to contribute to the cause in another way, visit ALSF.org.

We hope to see you out there tomorrow. Bring your thirst, and the time to enjoy quenching it!

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