Save Sanjana

Sanjana Sahni speaks to NBCOur friend, Sanjana Sahni needs a stem cell transplant.  The below email is being sent throughout the South Asian community to get people registered and find her a match before it is too late.

In the spirit of the dragonfly, we hope you will help us take action and save Sanjana. Please copy, paste and improve this message and spread it among the people you think could provide a match.

Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to read this e-mail. My friend, Sanjana Sahni, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (MM) in 2005 which is a blood cancer. She is in urgent need of a stem cell transplant. Sanjana has undergone extensive chemotherapy, two of her own stem cell transplants and currently going thru radiation for a tumor found in her skull. She has exhausted all available approved drugs and is in DIRE need of a stem cell match to save her life.

Sanjana is in her early 40’s, a typical baseball /soccer mom of very young twins, and a loving wife. She has been a national scholar in India and taught in Delhi University. Here in US, she got her teaching credentials and has taught Elementary school to High School. For the last 7 years she was a 1st grade teacher at Sunnyvale School District before being diagnosed. To learn more about Sanjana and the cause please visit her facebook page :

Fortunately, you can help. Let’s use the power of the internet to save a life…something that couldn’t be done years ago, but is now possible.

Three Things You Can Do

1. Please get registered.
Getting registered is quick and requires a simple cheek swab (2 minutes of your time) and filling out some forms (5 minutes of your time). Registering and even donating, if you’re ever selected, is VERY simple.

Sanjana needs a match from another South Asian, however, very few South Asians are actually in the registry and this makes it difficult for doctors to find them a match. This is why we need your help.
We are supporting Sanjana by organizing drives nationwide, and I need you to get registered by either by visiting a local drive or registering to donate online (see below). Drives are currently taking place all around the country, including throughout California and many other states. Please see the full list of locations here:
Registering to be a marrow donor online is simple. Click the link below, fill out an online consent form and Be The Match will mail you a “Do it yourself” cheek swab kit. You simply mail it back to the registry and you will be added to the registry. Please share this code on your favorite social networking site and encourage others to click and swab.

2. Spread the word.
Please share this e-mail message with at least 10 people (particularly South Asians), and ask them to do the same. Please point your friends to the local drives and ask them to get registered. If you can, sponsor a drive at your company or in your community. Drives need to take place in the next few weeks to be of help Sanjana.

Please use the power of your address book and the Web to spread this message – today more than ever before, we can achieve broad scale and be part of a large online movement to save lives.

3. Learn more

To learn more, please visit This site includes more details on how to organize your own drive, valuable information about MM, plus FAQs on registering.

Thank you for getting registered to help Sanjana win her fight against multiple myeloma. Though it seems this battle is personal, your effort to become a registered donor will help many others too. You can save a life TODAY, may be of your own friend, a family member or even your own in future. Imagine the sense of peace and satisfaction!



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