eBay World Of Good

The Dragonfly Effect shows you how to utilize the power of the online marketplace in order to create something that creates value, profit, and does good. Research has shown that there is actually a multiplier effect when social good is linked to profits. A perfect example of this is Ebay’s WorldofGood.ebay.com.

World of Good was originally started by Priya Haji because she wanted to generate revenue and good simultaneously. World of Good works with artisan cooperatives, NGOs and nonprofits in developing countries to bring beautiful handcrafted goods to the US market. Their goal is to promote fair trade in communities that haven’t had those opportunities in the past.

In September 2008, World of Good became an online marketplace of good. In order to make this happen, eBay partnered with the company to develop an online fixed price store, WorldofGood.com. Following the tenets of the Dragonly Effect, World of Good.com focuses on the engaging and empowering their customers to care enough about the products they are buying and who they are buying them from.

The online store lets customers find out more about the sellers of the sale times and empowers them to shop in a way that aligns with their personal values.  World of Good.com convenes thousands of People Positive and Eco Positive sellers and products all in one place and allows respected, independent organizations to verify the positive impact every product has on people and the planet.