It’s A Small Wired World

Jade Clavier, an eight-year-old girl, saw the inspirational Charity: Water video that founder Scott Harrison developed for his thirty-first birthday.  She was shaken by the realization that kids in Africa have to drink muddy water instead of clean water that she had always taken for granted.  She also felt empowered: there was one simple thing she could do.

Jade decided to ask for $9 or more from everyone she knew.  This effort resulted in meeting her goal of raising $200.  She extended her campaign using, the organization’s custom-built social networking and fundraising tool, to spread the word about her cause, collect donations, share updates, and track progress.  And she doubled her efforts: “Now my Christmas wish is to help even more people.  With $20 you can help one kid get clean water for the next 20 years.  How many kids can we help together? Please join me in helping them,” she wrote on her Charity: Water page.

Her father highlighted her goal in his blog; her mother shared the campaign through her Facebook and Twitter accounts.  “If you – like us – find that this is an important cause to support, please help spreading the word or consider donating to Jade’s wish.”  Jade raised nearly $2,000.

Next stop (and surprise for Jade): Her parents hope to take the whole family to the village where a well is being built.

An homage to the power of social technology.

  • Jadeclavier

    OMG that was to years ago I’m terning 11 in 13 days and yes that’s me when I was 8