Giving Back Day 4: Join Jumo

Jumo logoAs its subtitle says, The Dragonfly Effect is all about “quick, effective, powerful ways to use social media to drive social change. In the book, we outline a framework for thinking about how to use Facebook, email, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, and any other online channel you can think of to execute on a focused goal.

The book was published in September of this year, and, to prove just how quickly the Internet is evolving, a new social network has already emerged: Jumo. A “social network for the social sector,” Jumo lets users connect to broad issue and specific organizations they care about and then follow relevant Tweets, YouTube videos, and news specific to those groups on a Facebook-like newsfeed. Jumo users can also connect to their Facebook friends to discover what others in their social network care about.

Chris Hughes, one of the founders of Facebook and the chief digital organizer for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, founded Jumo to allow individuals to form more meaningful connections to the issues they care about. As he told The Huffington Post, “Most every site that’s out there focuses on donations. And, don’t get me wrong, donating to organizations, especially right now, is really important. But Jumo is taking a very different approach. It’s not just about how much money are donating to this or that group. It’s about what kind of relationship you are building with that organization.”

Giving back doesn’t always require writing a check. This holiday season, join Jumo and you’ll find a multitude of meaningful opportunities to get involved by staying connected to the issues you care about.

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