“The single best roadmap to social media I have ever seen. It offers both big strategies and small tips that you can use to invigorate your business, increase your happiness, and maybe even change the world.”
— Daniel Pink, author of Drive
“The Dragonfly Effect is actionable, credible, and absolutely necessary for anyone looking to use social media and Facebook to drive social good.”
— Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook
“A fascinating, comprehensive guide for how to take your cause and compassion viral. . . . Specific, practical advice teaches readers how to translate anything— a product, service, community concern—into a powerful narrative that invites participation, how to communicate with potential supporters, how to craft compelling video, and more.”
— Publishers Weekly
“Suppose you really could do something with social media? Well, The Dragonfly Effect points the way.”
— Chip Heath, Author of Switch
“The Dragonfly Effect is the playbook for for getting people off their butts, one cheek at a time.”
— Dan Ariely, Author of Predictably Irrational
“This book shows you how to align social actions to cause meaningful change And, that’s what really matters in the era of new media.”
— Brian Solis, Author of Engage
“…makes readers answer the question “how can I make an impact in the world?” with yet another question: “what am I waiting for?” Aaker and Smith show you how to harness social media as a force for good in a way that even a CFO will love.”
— Lisa Edwards, Head of Global Biz Dev, Visa, Inc.
“The same principles that make a YouTube video go viral can help bring disaster relief to Haiti. It is all just a matter of making it happen. Thanks to The Dragonfly Effect, you can now learn how.”
— Geoff Moore, Author of Crossing the Chasm
“The Internet has made it possible for individuals and small groups to have an impact far beyond their size. Read The Dragonfly Effect to learn how to translate your good intentions into actual real tangible world changing good!”
— Avinash Kaushik, Author of Web Analytics 2.0
“This book takes the fast-evolving world of social media and offers a clear, inspiring guide to create social change.”
— Bobbi Silten, Chief Foundation Officer, Gap Inc.
“This truly innovative book identifies four powerful forces shaping our lives and shows how they are working together in unanticipated and creative ways.”
— Bill Meehan, Director Emeritus, McKinsey and Co.
“…demonstrates that by using our networks for good, we will be happier and more successful individuals – in life and at work.”
— Joanna Drake Earl, COO, Current Media
“Drawing on design thinking principles and emotional contagion, this is an important read for anyone contemplating the virality of ideas and creating infectious action.”
— Pat Christen, CEO, HopeLab
“Aaker and Smith created a beautifully visual book that’s visionary yet practical, and that proves that anyone can change the world.”
— Nancy Duarte, Author of Slide:ology