Another Chance to Save a Life

Our friend Mike sent us word that Daniel Rose needs all of our help for a chance to survive. Please get swabbed and join us in getting a match for him right now.

This piece originally ran on Medium published by Mike Maples

TLDR: Daniel Rose, age 15, needs our help ASAP. He has a rare form of leukemia and is in urgent need of a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, there’s no current match in the National Bone Marrow Registry. Click the link to learn how you might qualify as a potential match. Please share this with others as well. The chance of a match is 1 in 8.5 million, but if we get the word out and light up social media, we might be able to beat the odds and win the race against time.

Daniel Rose — a Fighter who needs your help ASAP

Daniel Rose is a 15-year-old high school student in the Bay Area. Like many teens, he likes to play video games with his buddies and is a fan of supercars. Unlike most, he has a very rare form of leukemia that’s resistant to chemotherapy.

It started in January when Daniel struggled to recover from what seemed like the flu. Blood tests revealed Daniel had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After four weeks of chemotherapy, Daniel did not make the expected remission timeline. Genetic tests revealed his rare form of leukemia resists traditional chemotherapy.

Following chemo, Daniel participated in a CAR-T cell infusion therapy trial in April. The new cells thrived and killed off his leukemia, but the warrior cells have now died off. Daniel needs a new immune system — enabled by a bone marrow transplant.

If we can find a donor match and get the transplant before the leukemia comes back, he has a chance to beat it completely. But without warrior cells remaining to protect him, it will come back fast with potentially deadly results. Daniel’s doctors want to find a bone marrow match ASAP so a transplant can be performed in August before the leukemia has a chance to proliferate.

The needle in the haystack

There is a big “if” that stands in the way of getting the transplant Daniel needs. The odds of an individual being a match are about 1 in 8.5 million and not a single person in the National Bone Marrow Registry is a match. The good news is we can all take a simple test to find out if we are a match. It’s a simple as getting a cheek swab.

Julie Maples getting the cheek swab test

An ideal match would be a parent or sibling, but Daniel is an only child, his father is in a wheelchair after a debilitating stroke, and his mother isn’t a best match. In general, only 30% of patients find a matching donor within their family; 70% of patients depend on a stranger stepping up to donate their healthy cells.

Less than 1% of registered donors get contacted as a possible match (and how lucky are they, to be able to give someone a second chance at life?!). The donation itself is a painless outpatient procedure, unlike the painful procedures of the past. And the donor does not have to live in or donate in the same region as the recipient.

Not only that — by adding yourself to the registry, we will have an ever-larger base of people. This won’t just potentially help Daniel — it will help others facing life-threatening diseases in the future.

You could be the one

You could be the person who is the match that saves Daniel. Or, you might share this with someone who ultimately makes the difference. Imagine what an incalculable impact you could have on his life.

Young men age 18–30 of European descent have the best odds of being the match. This seems like a pretty good overlap with many of folks in the startup and tech community.

Social media has gotten a bad rap lately. Too much trolling. Too much fakery. Too much politics. Here is a chance for us to come together and harness social media for good. We can get back to our roots in understanding that citizenship and lifting each other up define us when we are at our very best.

Just do it…now

I hope you will not just file this away. I hope you will not read this and say “That’s nice. I hope it works out.” Each of us can help, but it requires us to act. Please visit now.

Thank you for listening, and thanks in advance to those who act.


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